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January 09th 2006

"Misch Muschkeli" means "No problem" -

„Misch Muschkeli“…
That is Arabic and means “no problem!”
And it was the most-used word my ears heard, when we were sitting together in the small Study-Center once again: Deema, Nitza, Khaldoun, and several young Jahalin-men.
For weeks I had been carrying with me a catalogue, that Deema, our colleague from PARC gave me: a beautiful illustrated catalogue about a children- and adventure playground with very impressive pictures. The playground was mainly set up with old, colorful tires. To us it seemed to be a good idea to arrange the old playground in Youssef’s kindergarten (a private kindergarten and pre-school in Assariah, initiated and led by a Jahalin-Bedouin), which really needed a renovation, in the same way, just a little smaller.
We needed: tires, colors, brushes, tools, sand, a smith, and a lot of helping hands. And we needed three days of work in order to shape a new, friendly, colorful, little playground. Admittedly, there were some smaller misunderstandings and obstacles, but also those were “mish mushkele”. Khaldoun had organized a group of 10 young men from Jericho. They were members of the Palestinian youth organizations “Baladna” (our country) and “Palestinian Vision”. Working together with them was a great pleasure for us, and after work, during the well deserved dinner, all of us said they would like to work together in the future and keep in touch.
With these common experiences, this should be “mish mushkele”…

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