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July 12th 2005

One year ago - an article by Nitza Aminov

In July 2004, I saw a message from "Rabbis for Human Rights" on the Internet, calling for volunteers to work with the Jahalin children during the summer. I've made some inquiries, and contacted Anna. I told her I wanted to volunteer, but not only for the duration of the summer vacation.
My first activity, with Racheli Shahar, was with the Jahalin girls. Later on, Anna asked me to assist in handling issues concerning Israel. We helped a local woman get her treatments at the Hadassah hospital, got one of the girls a psychological diagnosis, an so on.
The women had been receiving Arabic and sewing lessons, and have been doing embroidering work. In addition, a "Women's Council", discussing several issues, have evolved.
A few months ago we've started the Learning Center in Al-Azarieh, where I teach Hebrew twice a week (while still working with the girls every week, of course).
Some ten years ago I have participated, along with other Israelis, in demonstrations against the banishment of the Jahalin from their lands. Since then I had no contact with them. When I arrived to the Jabel last year, I was really happy to see new homes being built, the new school, and to hear about all their plans for the future. I'm slowly learning to know the people and the families. I ask a lot of questions, and everybody answers happily. My affection and admiration to the people are constantly growing.
It is now July 2005, and once again summer activities for the Jahalin children begin. This year, PARC organizes a summer day camp for the children. What's especially wonderful is that the guides are trained Jahalin girls.
During my work here, I have met many wonderful people - some on a daily basis, others only occasionally. All of these people are mentioned in articles on this site. I would, however, like to give special mention to the dedicated and enthusiastic work of Dima Hamdan. Dima, a palestinian from Issawiyah, is a PARC employee. She's already mentioned in Anna's notes (and is also photographed extremely well. This is my opportunity to extent Dima my virtual thanks.
Looks like my next report will be next year - so much to do until then!

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