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Spenden, damit der Ballen ins Rollen kommt!
Der Spendenaufruf für den Sportplatz als pdf


March 31th, 2005

Material made by and telling about the Jahalin more

REQUEST: Please send us your requests by mail and don’t forget your postal address. We will send you the requested material and a bill.


"ZwischenWelten. Jerusalemer Tagebuchgeschichten" (german) by Anna Crummenerl
36 pages, 10,00 € + dispatch (The proceeds will benefit the Jahalin-Projekt)

The booklet “Wir möchten alle den Himmel über uns sehen” is sold out at the moment.


All products are made by the Jahalin-women, who receive a share of the profits. The rest is used to support the project.

Attention! Because all of these are unique objects, the color of your order may differ from the examples on the pictures. Of course you can send us your preferences by mail, which we will consider as far as possible.

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